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oh great, look where the earth is now...

Our Products

MiMic is our text to speech app for the iPad that allows people with speech difficulties to easily communicate with their family and friends.

flimFlamCam is an absurdly simple, straight forward, compact tool for displaying video and playing audio from AV devices connected to OS X. FlimFlamCam does one thing and does it well. No complicated features or setup. Just select your video and audio devices, resize the window and you're done.

flamKeys is an OS X keyboard utility that remaps the volume keys and makes them behave like decent citizens in your audio arsenal. No more arthritis inducing two handed cmd-fn-volume key pressing. flamKeys sends a cmd-fn-volume key when you press a volume key - and amazingingly when you press a cmd-fn-volume key combo it sends a volume key. Owners of the Universal Audio Apollo hardware and Griffin's PowerMate will understand this one.

hubbleSee is a 4th Generation Apple TV screen show app. We have curated thousands of images from the Hubble library for your enjoyment. No complicated learning to fly and land space vehicles, no long winded math lessons on the way the universe works, no lengthy explanations of what you are looking it. Just pleasant images from space shown one after another on your television screen.

Our Company

Addison Software is a diverse group of software fanatics based in Dallas Texas that do not subscribe to the motto of "The relentless pursuit of well I guess that's pretty good".

Our core competencies are in OS X, iOS, tvOS, and Objective-C - complex software design, multi-touch interfaces, and accessibility. We specialize in native code client server development, user interface designs, and debugging our client's nightmares.

For our clients we have built software ranging from research grade photon guidance systems to closed circuit video monitoring applications to complete point of sale systems.

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